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At Turkey Creek Studios/Replicas Inc., we specialize in bird taxidermy and fish replicas. In addition to birds and fish, we are a full-service studio, providing our expertise with exotics, small animals, antler repair, custom pedestals, displays and more.



We’ll be honest, birds are our passion. From turkeys, to water fowl, to upland birds and exotics we do them all. We’ve had the opportunity to mount sand hill cranes, black swans and ocellated turkeys.

We specialize in artistic compositions and poses. We have a true appreciation and love for all things wild and our time spent observing these birds pays dividends in our ability to bring your mount to life.

We are a small shop and truly listen to our clients, forming great relationships, even friendships. This personalized attention allows us to deliver exceptional mounts.

Our gallery will be available soon.


We’ve been creating custom fish replicas for well over a decade. Our focus has been to create the most true-to-nature fish you can find, capturing the uniqueness of the individual fish, even tattering fins if our client desires that level of realism. We do everything from a kid’s first catch to the giants of the sea and everything in between.

We focus on replicas vs. skin mounts because we support catch and release whenever possible and our goal is to encourage it by providing accurate and realistic replicas. We also think that the longevity of the replica far outweighs a skin mount. Fish jerky on your wall anyone? We say no thank you!

Our gallery will be available soon.

 Antler Repair, Small Animals, Exotics & Displays

As artists, it is virtually impossible for us to turn down a challenge. We specialize in antler repair and take pride in making the repair unnoticeable. While we don’t focus on the larger fur bearing animals like deer and elk, we do quite a bit of business mounting foxes, mustelids, squirrels, bears and African animals. We’ve even tackled some exotics. Looking for a custom display? We do everything from custom plaques,  pedestals,  coffee tables and elaborate dioramas. We’ve teamed up with other artists to create displays for well known outdoor stores as well.

Our gallery will be available soon.

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